Fleet Management

Vehicle Monitoring & Management Solution name: FleetMAN

A unique system that provides visibility and telematic of the asset/vehicle in real time. The system can be enhanced by incoporating additional hardware to enhance the visibility and safety of the asset.Real-time and History Tracking of Vehicle on MapRecord Route, Speed and Stop ViolationsGeo-fence based Reports and AnalysisVehicle Activity, Utilization and Exception ReportsService & Security Alerts for suspicious eventsObserve and Enforce disciplined drivingDriver Details and Identification ManagementDriving Behavior and Attendance Monitoring
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Dubai Police (Secure Path) - Rent A Car/ Hazardous Transport & Cash Vehicles Solution name: DPS Securepath system

Dubai Government implemented a law Law no 24/2008 for security transport system & addendum 16 issued in 2014 for vehicle Rental, leasing & paasenger transport, cash transfer, Hazardous material transport. Under which all companies operating under the said licenses have to approch authorised vendors to install tracking devices approved from Dubai Police.Dubai technologies is an authorised vendor for providing Dubai Police approved device, installing and issuing certificate of complaiance with Dubai police rule.Apart from standard services from Dubai Police securepath system, additional services are provided by DT.

Vehicle Rental & Lease solutionSolution Name: RACMAN

United Arab of Emirates is having an increasing growth in businesses engaged with Car Rental activities, Dubai Technologies developed a solution which primarily assists Rent-A-Car and similar companies to manage activities which involves renting and leasing of vehicles. The basic concept of this solution is a system software which has a primary functions of rental fare and agreement creation, fleet status monitoring, and financial management. All data is available real-time via web-based application known as the RAC-MAN (Rent-A-Car Management System). Information is collected from real time tracking device and allows the user to access it anytime from anywhere.

School Bus Management SolutionSolution name: BusMAN

DT with its technology and domain expertise continuously upgrades the system to comply with the regulatory requirements.In accordance with the guidelines of school and transport authorities (MOI, ESMA, and ADEC), the company has integrated services into a one-stop-shop solution for authorities, schools, transportation providers and parents.

Corporate Bus Management Solution

Solution name: BusMAN

DT with its technology and domain expertise continuously upgrades the system providing the best services to the corporate/private passenger transport The solution addresses all the aspects of corporate transport such as:

  • 1) Standard Live & History Bus Tracking on the Map
  • 2) Corporate Bus Lease/Rental Contract Management
  • 3) Vehicle Daily Expenses Details
  • 4) Vehicle Accident Management
  • 5) Multiple Voucher Creation & Invoicing
  • 6) Vehicle Services & Fines Details
  • 7) Route Creation and Monitoring
  • 8) Passenger Identification & Attendance
  • 9) SMS Notifications and Alert Management

    Next Generation Telematics

    We are living in the age of information. From vehicle tracking and monitoring measures, telematics has moved past simple tracking solutions towards superior vehicle maintenance and fleet management. Vehicle telematics is the blending of wireless technology with in-built vehicular systems, thereby integrating the automobile into the information technological age.

    At Dubai Technologies, we are working towards creating smart mobility solutions that contribute towards a greener, happier environment. Next generation telematics goes much further than simple vehicle tracking, it encompasses a wide range of vehicular functions:

  • 1) Vehicle safety
  • 2) Fuel management
  • 3) Real-time vehicle information
  • 4) Analyzing vehicle and driver performance
  • 5) Administering driving behaviors
  • 6) Dispatching and booking
  • 7) Providing feedback to drivers and managers
  • Dubai Technologies believes in considering the future of vehicles, communities and people. We envision a smart mobile society where our solutions will transform fleet management policies and enhance vehicle and driver safety. Next generation telematics can help communicate with navigational systems and monitor everythingfrom fuel consumption to vehicle location, helping consumers save fuel and make driving safer.

    As the internet of things multiplies, the potential for vehicle telematics is only going to improve and expand. When applied to sensors, big data and logistics management, telematics has the potential to evolve things that will go beyondour comprehension. 

    Business Process Solutions

    Limousine Management Solution

    Solution name: CabMAN

    Limousines are used for Leisure, Business or work related travels by residents, international visitors and tourists. Limousines are permitted to operate from hotels, designated permitted locations, and by booking, but may not pick-up passengers on the street.
    DT having its rich experience & knowledge in providing and operating premium limousine booking, tracking and management services, is a single integrator to handle the design, development, integration, installation, commissioning, operations & maintenance of the Limousine Management Services. The primary purpose of this solution is to provide seamless premium experience to limousine customers and improve governance of the overallsector.

    Waste Management Solution

    Solution name: WasteMAN

    WasteMAN from DT solves critical operations and risk reduction challenges for waste management organizations—private or public. Our Quadrant and InterFleet solutions have unique capabilities to give you—as an operator of a waste management fleet—visibility and accountability by enabling you to know in real-time that all your routes are serviced.

    • 1) Data Management
    • 2) Vehicle Management
    • 3) Driver Management
    • 4) Container Management
    • 5) Customer Management


FLEETMAN:Vehicle Monitoring & Management

Our fleet solutions can be customized to your needs and help to save your fleet from unneccesary expenses. Contact us today so we can schedule a demo of our systems and customize a solution specific to your business’ needs.
We have more than Twenty years experience providing GPS tracking for fleet management solutions and are a leading provider of this service in UAE. All of our systems are customized for your company.